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Puerto Maldonado Amazon tours

These Puerto Maldonado tours through the Amazon offer you incredible opportunities to soak in the Amazon jungle and learn everything you need to know about this wonderful land and its inhabitants.You could choose to simply experience some of the most captivating scenarios; as the macaw clay lick where hundreds of parrots and macaws converge daily to eat clay from river banks.

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TOP 10 Puerto Maldonado tours in Peru Amazon Tambopata
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Or you could choose to visit the Sandoval Lake, where there are dozens of caimans, turtles, giant otters, and piranhas. or you could perform a more active visit that includes an extreme adventure experience flying on the treetops.

Puerto Maldonado Tours are an incredible, affordable option nestled in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Get inspired and create your own adventure trips . Vegetarian options. Locally engaged. Meaningful travel destinations, fascinating jungle areas like Tambopata National Reserve to see the wonders Puerto Maldonado Peru has to offer!

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Puerto Maldonado tours

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Puerto Maldonado tours in Peru Amazon Tambopata
Puerto Maldonado tours in Peru Amazon Tambopata

Puerto Maldonado tours and Expeditions

We organize tours and expeditions to the amazon jungle. You can choose your Puerto Maldonado Tours depending on the style, activity or tour duration.

Feel more cheer to experience one of our tours you will not regret, reliability, security, punctuality are our profile.

Puerto Maldonado tours in Peru Amazon Tambopata

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We have the best Tambopata tours in the Natural Reserve because our lodge is located within the Tambopata Reserve, which means you can see and be with nature, walking in the jungle.

Our Puerto Maldonado Tours:

Puerto Maldonado city is one of the main gates of the forest of Peru and offers Countless Opportunities to observe wildlife, Which captivated all nature lovers. Just minutes away by boat from Puerto Maldonado city you will find many wild creatures.

Puerto Maldonado Jungle Tours

While traveling Peru, jungle chooses fewer destinations and stay more time at the destinations you do visit. Flights leave the biggest carbon impact of any type of travel.

During your Puerto Maldonado toursPuerto Maldonado tours in Peru Amazon Tambopata

From the start there are many things to see: beautiful flowering plants, macaws up in the trees, hundreds of butterflies and many species of monkeys, including tamarin monkey, howler monkey, monk, among others.

Learn to recognize primary and secondary forest we will also see the huge trees of the Brazil nut “chestnut” one of the most important economies in the region. One quickly knows why Lake Sandoval is considered one of the most impressive and beautiful places.

Accompanied by experts naturalist guides, you can explore the secrets of Peru Amazon rainforest and Their exotic animals observe, capybara, caimans, caterpillars, etc. If you’re lucky to even Jaguars. The wildlife in Peru is spectacular also in This area, With its colorful flowers and giant trees.

Puerto Maldonado Tours Amazon.

Tailor-made programs for special interest groups are available upon request. Pre and Post tours, additional nights and flight reservations can also be arranged on request to Puerto Maldonado Tours reservation area

It is even possible to visit agricultural fields, treats including stops at some of the farms of the villagers. With Puerto Maldonado tours enjoy a glide at high speed on the glass canopy of the trees, a woodland walk or a botanical of medicinal plants are part of these beautiful Peru jungle tours.

This place is extraordinary; Depending on your preferences, and the types of activities, you can expect an unforgettable experience in a rain forest. Puerto Maldonado tours will help you to choose a plan that suits your expectancies.
If you are looking for the ride of your life in the jungle, be sure to book with

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Detailed description of Puerto Maldonado tours

If you are looking for adventure in the rain forest, you might want to consider Jungle tours which are perfect for people looking for their own piece of getaway private paradise but can also hold larger numbers of persons should the need arise.

Puerto Maldonado tours in Peru Amazon Tambopata

Peru is blessed with coastal region, highlands, mountains and Amazon rainforests, all of which are paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Bird watching, spotting bird species and watching their population in the rainforest is also an ecotourism activity which is a part of Puerto Maldonado Amazon Tours and these activities are growing in popularity, especially these last years.

Big sections of the itineraries with Puerto Maldonado tours from Cusco are to see the variety of plants and animals that have adapted to this ecosystem. The magic of the forest, for tourists from the civilized world, is in the pristine and rustic beauty of the forest accompanied by the colors and sounds of the Amazon rainforest.

  • With Puerto Maldonado tours visit one of the few Indigenous Communities living in the depths of the forest, isolated from the rest of the world will no doubt be a memory you will never forget.
  • Some of the villagers gladly show you openly their lifestyle, customs and traditions. Now you’re ready to get the perfect Amazon experience. Choose your style of Jungle trips in Peru and travel to Puerto Maldonado Peru.
  • The Amazon rainforest is one of The most biodiversity in the world and a haven for exotic wildlife, Indigenous communities, and of course for nature lovers. More than sixty percent of Peru is covered by amazon jungle.

If you are looking for the ride of your life in the jungle, be sure to book with Puerto Maldonado Tours  Amazon.

When you travel to Peru, it is critical to understand that regardless of its geographical position at the biggest market of the temperate zone, Peru has variable weather characteristics. That is because of the existence of the Pacific Ocean, whose warm waters reduce thermal extremes, and the Andean mountain, which forms barriers contrary to the cold north winds.

Furthermore, once you travel to Peru, understand that Peru amazon rainforest is at the mercy of both wet and medium atmospheric currents from the Pacific ocean, warm ones and humid.

Close to Brazil and Bolivia this location of Puerto Maldonado is the perfect tropical getaway for those on a budget. These Puerto Maldonado tours have many activities, places to visit, choose from a variety of huts. Our Puerto Maldonado Amazon is jungle rustic made but comfortable with options to choose from. Bungalows are spacious and offer many amenities from backpacker style dorm cabins to private ones as well.

The region around Puerto Maldonado is home to two magnificent nature reserves where wildlife is denser, Tambopata National Reserve and Manu National Park.