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Puerto Maldonado elevation is 183 meters above sea level (600.39 feet).Coordinates:Center: -12.5909084 -69.1963141Borders: -12.6619451 -69.2704296 -12.5491180 -69.1524124Puerto Maldonado elevation makes it warm and humidPuerto Maldonado elevation could be defined in two areas the riverside areas where some citicens have houses that can be over floated on rainy season and the second area which is located far away from riversides where almost never get overfloated Puerto Maldonado is a city in southeastern Peru, in the Amazon jungle 55 kilometers (34 miles) west of the Bolivian border; located at the confluence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers, the last of which joins the Madeira River as a tributary of the Amazon. It is the capital of the Madre de Dios region.puerto maldonado elevationpuerto maldonado elevationNearby are the Manú National Park, the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, which have been established to protect natural resources. These are some of the most pristine primary rainforests in the world. They include several places with clay, where hundreds of birds, including macaws, feed on these minerals.Visibly flourishing from its connection with the outside world, Puerto Maldonado, capital of the southern jungle, has an increasingly intelligent brightness in the chaos of its central streets, full of moto taxis (three-wheeled taxis).The city’s proximity to the animal-rich jungle more easily visited throughout the Amazon basin is its blessing, travelers arrive, but they quickly go to hostels where wildlife is found in the nearby rivers.However, the languid and relaxed atmosphere of Puerto Maldonado invites you to stay with its suffocating and warm climate, its beautiful plaza, flourishing lodging options and lively nightlife provide enough reason to spend some time.However, it remains of vital importance for travelers, as a starting point to travel to Rios Tambopata and Madre de Dios, converging here: wonderful aquatic lands that offer the most accessible primary jungle sites in the country.

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