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Tour Code:4dMc-LK2htls

Macaw clay - Sandoval Lake - Canopy Walkway 4 Days

Embark on a captivating 4-day adventure into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, where vibrant biodiversity and ancient traditions converge. The Macaw Clay experience offers an immersive journey through two distinct natural jungle reserves, namely the awe-inspiring Sandoval Lake in Peru’s lush rainforest. Nestled within these pristine landscapes, you’ll find yourself hosted by two exceptional jungle lodges, each providing a unique vantage point to witness the breathtaking symphony of wildlife and flora. Over these enriching days, you’ll witness the spectacular spectacle of vibrant macaws gathering at clay licks, a mesmerizing display of nature’s harmony. Guided by expert naturalists, you’ll gain insights into the intricate ecosystems, indigenous cultures, and the unparalleled wonders of the Amazon rainforest, creating memories to last a lifetime.

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Phisical Demand: Medium
Tour Code: 4dMc-LK2htls
Duration: 4D
Ages: 2+
Languages: English, Español
Start In: Pto. Maldonado airport/bus station/hotel
Ends In: Pto. Maldonado airport / bus station or hotel
Group Size: 11 PaxAM
Phisical Demand: Medium
Tour Code: 4dMc-LK2htls
Duration: 4D
Ages: 2+
Languages: English, Español
Start In: Pto. Maldonado airport/bus station/hotel
Ends In: Pto. Maldonado airport / bus station or hotel
Group Size: 11 PaxAM

Trip Advisor or Viator Price = $419

With Local tour operator $399

Tour Activities:
Cayman search, Observatory tower, Birdwatching, Jungle walk, Canopy Walk
Tour Attractions:
Macaw Clay Lick, Sandoval Lake
This tour in 2023:
3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners
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Tour date:

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Macaw clay - Sandoval Lake - Canopy Walkway 4 Days

River boat to natural reserve and jungle hike

Day 1:
Arrive in Puerto Maldonado, the capital of Madre de Dios, and take a 2-hour bus and half-boat ride to the jungle lodge. A local welcome drink and a brief introduction to your hotel in the jungle, spacious accommodation with bar, swimming pool and buffet in the Tambopata National Reserve, the furthest sanctuary from Puerto Maldonado, surrounded by monkeys and various species of birds.
Accommodation includes rooms from 24 m2 to 68 m2, apartments with private bathrooms and open windows overlooking the forest.

This afternoon we have a two or three kilometer introductory hike through the jungle, information about the main medicinal plants and at the same time a great opportunity to spot seven different species of monkeys and a walk of different birds in the jungle will be unforgettable.A visit to our 50 m high covered tower completes this first experience.
You have the opportunity to go out by boat in the evening and see the black and white caimans along the Tambopata River. Seeing the reptile in its privileged habitat is an amazing experience

Journey to Macaw clay lick Chuncho

Day 2:

Amazon wildlife uses the first light of day because it's cooler, and so do we. Even if you are on holiday our guides encourage you to do early morning activities and it is well worth it.
Year-round, dozens of great macaws and hundreds of parrots flock to this magnificent levee in a boisterous and colorful spectacle that inspired a cover of National Geographic, obviously much better in the dry season. Sixty to eighty meters from the cliff we will discreetly observe green, scarlet and blue and gold winged macaws as well as several species of smaller parrots descending to devour the clay. Visits occur at dawn when licking is most active.Breakfast is served in front of the Clay Lick Chuncho Macaw.

After lunch we will have time to repack and take our backpacks back to the river first and then the car  back to Puerto Maldonado.

From Puerto Maldonado we will travel to a second nature reserve on the Madre de Dios River by motorboat arriving at the selected lodge in the evening to rest after a long day and recover energy for the next day.


Hike to Sandoval lake for animal spotting

Day 3

Following a hearty breakfast, venture on a scenic 3-kilometer trek through the verdant Amazon rainforest to the captivating Lake Sandoval. As you traverse the lush pathways, the symphony of exotic bird calls and rustling leaves fills the air, immersing you in the enchanting wilderness. Upon reaching the tranquil shores of Lake Sandoval, the world opens up to a realm of natural wonder - reflections of towering trees dance on the pristine water's surface, and the possibility of encountering elusive wildlife stirs the excitement within.

After lunch, if you have energy, you can go for a canopy walkway or if you like, you can leave it for the next day before breakfast.

In the evening unveils yet another opportunity to witness the remarkable diversity of the jungle as it comes alive with nocturnal creatures. After an exhilarating day of exploration, indulge in a delicious dinner amidst the jungle's embrace, followed by a well-deserved rest, lulled by the soothing sounds of the wilderness that surrounds you.

Canopy Walk and return to flight out

Day 4.-

Rise with the sun at 5:30 a.m. amidst the jungle's embrace. Begin your morning with a leisurely stroll to our canopy walkway, elevated approximately 30 meters above the ground, offering an unparalleled vantage point to immerse yourself in nature's beauty. Gazing out from this height, you'll be treated to a panoramic vista of the majestic Madre de Dios river. From the platforms, you'll have the opportunity to observe a diverse array of avian wonders, including toucans, macaws, tanagers, and orioles. Undoubtedly, this promises to be a truly enchanting experience. Following the walk, enjoy a satisfying breakfast before embarking on your journey back to the city. Airport transfers and bus station arrangements will be provided for your convenience.



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$ 399 USD

Following Optional Jungle Hotels are available

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Sandoval Lake + Superior suit 4D/3N
$840 USD
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Sandoval Lake + Adventure 4D/3N
Amazon Lodge Tambopata (5)
$249 USD
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Terms & Rules

* If arriving by night bus from Cusco, Puno, etc ( Pick up from bus station is anytime from 5:00 am to 10:00 am) * Tour starts at 10:00 am approx * If arriving by Plane from Cusco, Lima, etc ( Pick up is from airport is from 8:00 am to 14:00 pm) *Tour starts depending on your arrival time, the earlier the better * Pick up from Hotel in Puerto Maldonado cilty is from 8:40 am to 9:20 am * Solo travelers should arrive before 9:40 am, so they can join the group
* This tour ends at 9:00 am, the drop off to the airport or to the bus station is included at any time, this is possible only on the last day of the tour. * People staying in hotel in Puerto Maldonado the drop off will be at the main square (Plaza de armas)

There are no age restrictions for arrival

Pets are NOT allowed.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX).

We accept also Bank transfer to our account number and PayPal for credit card processing.

This is an “All inclusive tour from pick up till drop off”

Pick up from (Airport, bus station or hotel)

03 Nights accommodation in bungalow with private bathroom

1 Professional bilingual guide in the jungle

1 Motor boat transportation for all trips

Breakfast (3) Dinner (3) Lunch (3)

All activities listed in the itinerary

Purified Water 24 hours (To recharge your canteen)

Wellingtons (Rubber boots)

No additional payment for single room or (Solo traveler)

Storage room for large luggage

First aid kit

Drop off to (Airport or bus station)

Drinks bought at the bar


Domestic Flights or Bus from/to Cusco, Lima

Entrance fees (Macw clay + Sandoval lake $24 USD)

Extra snacks and drinks

Travel insurance

Health coverage

Extra snacks and drinks

  • In these parts of the Amazon there are no land roads o access the jungle, most transportation is by motor boat.
  • Motorboats are designed to carry 20 to 40 people on a trip
  • We have scheduled daily times where speedboats transport to and from the natural reserve area, every day a speedboat arrives in the city of Puerto Maldonado around 9 am to catch some departing morning flights.
  • Another boat leaves daily from Puerto Maldonado to the Nature Reserve starting at 9:50 am. In case there are flights arrivng before 11:30, we will wait for them to be able to leave as a group.
  • One more boat leaves the nature reserve at approximately 4:00 pm. arriving in Puerto Maldonado at approximately 5:00 pm for people who have a night bus to Cusco or who will overnight in the city of Puerto Maldonado
  • If you have flight out after 9:00 a.m. We recommended you to take our motor boat after breakfast so we can drop you off to the airport at any time your flight is scheduled for.
  • Motorboats spend around $100 USD of gasoline per hour of transportation, we can open a new boat deperture for free if a minimum of 8 passengers want to leave from the natural reserve.
  • If you are 2 people, we can arrange a motor boat to start the tour at anytime your flight arrives, for solo traveler please arrive before 9:30 am or let us know so we can manage in advance to join you to a group
  • In case you want to leave the natural reserve at any time, we can rent a private boat for you, but it will cost $100 per hour depending on Jungle hotel location and it is  required to pay in advance

What o bring: Copy of passport. + Mosquito repellent. + Comfortable and light clothing. Sunscreen. Sunglasses Cap. Water bottle. Flashlight. Camera, charger and battery. Rain gear (for example, rain poncho) between January and March. Cash.

If you cancel at least 90 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel within 40 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee. If you cancel between 40 and 90 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee. Learn more about cancellations. (All tickets are non refundable)

What Time does this tour depart from Puerto Maldonado and arrive back In? Arriving by bus?

For people arriving by bus we start at 8:30 a.m departing from our office in Puerto Maldonado

Arriving by Plane? The first plane arriving to Puerto Maldonado is around 10:00 am and the last plane arrives at 4 p.m , so our first group will start the tour around 11:20 For peope arriving later than 12:00 pm we will start tour around 1:00 p.m, for LATAM airlines arriving at 4:00 p.m we will start thetour as soon as posible

Already in Puerto Maldonado? For people that are already in a hotel the pick up will be around 8:00 a.m and start tour at 8:30 a.m approximately

Vaccinations: There are no vaccines required to enter Peru. If you decide to take medicines. These are suggested indications, so please visit your doctor before you travel. For HEPATITIS B Recommended for Peru. Normally 2 months before travel. For RABIES Recommended for Peru. Normally 1 month before travel. For YELLOW FEVER Recommended for Peru. Normally 10 days before travel. Electricity: Depending on the accommodation in the jungle, electricity hours are limited during the day, most hotels offer several hours in the evening, usually until 10 pm, allowing travelers to charge their personal items.

What kind of weather can we find in the Amazon Jungle? It is sunny year-round, and like any other tropical rainforest, it can be hot and humid. The average year-round temperature is 27°C (80°F), with nights being slightly cooler. December to June is the rainy season, with April and May experiencing more rain, and temperatures normally between 23°C (73°F) and 30°C (86°F). July to November is the dry season, with temperatures from 26°C (78°F) to 40°C (104°F).

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