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Jungle Weather In PeruPuerto Maldonado weather is divided into two main seasons; the dry season through the months of May to September, and the wet season October to April.Temperature highs can reach 91 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Deg. C) throughout the day, and nighttime temperatures can fall to lows of 63 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Deg. C). Through the wetter months, there’s an increased degree of mosquitos in the jungle, and activities like hiking are best done through the dry season. The Puerto Maldonado weather on average is similar to that of any typical tropical rainforest. It really is hot and humid. The temperatures remain 29°Celcius for the whole year which gets calculated and compounded because of the heavy humidity. There aren’t many seasonal changes in the weather and the temperature too remains exactly the same for just about of the entire year. Actually the difference between your night and day temperatures is higher than the difference between any two seasons.puerto maldonado weather climate changingpuerto maldonado weather climate changingIs Temperature increasing?It is an important aspect of current climate change, and has been demonstrated by direct temperature measurements and measurements of various warming effects. The term commonly refers to the increase caused mainly by humans in global surface temperatures and their projected continuation.READ MOREAmazon Deforestation And ClimateThe Amazon is really a unique, unpredictable place, so to guarantee the best experience possible it’s important ahead prepared for the unexpected. Puerto Maldonado weather, as well as all Amazon rainforestclimate, is changing for the worse though it’s presumed that rainfall has reduced because of large-scale deforestation. Fire and drought pose the largest threat to the Amazon rainforest. If we take into account that Puerto Maldonado weather is changing dramatically, which depends mainly on the misuse of natural resources for the most significant remaining tropical forest on the planet, the results for future generations would be devastating. It is Obvious that we have to take urgent care of the matter, particularly people profiting from the Amazon rainforest resources.

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