Native Community of Hell (Hell)

Native Community of Infierno (Hell)

Native Community of Hell (Hell)

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belongs to the Tacana linguistic family and the Ese’Eja ethnic group, is located on both banks of the Tambopata River, the access is by road 30 minutes from Puerto Maldonado. In this community there are activities such as subsistence hunting and fishing and wild fruit harvesting. Prepared with plants native to traditional medicine, and the use of forest products for the production of handicrafts. This community according to the tourism company Rainforest Expeditions, the tourist activity is developed in the hostel Posada Amazonas, by which the members of the community have been trained to take on tasks for ecotourism. This work is recognized internationally. Activities include a visit to Lake Three Chimbadas Lago, salting areas and “kayak” adventure activities. To visit this community must be coordinated in advance with the Tourism Committee.

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