Capitania Port
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This dock near to the Plaza de Armas is really a cheap method of seeing a small amount of the actions on a significant Peruvian jungle river (the Rio Madre de Dios), that is about 500m wide at this time. River traffic is vibrant – peki pekis (canoes driven by two stroke motorbike engines with outlandishly lengthy propeller shafts) keep from the dock ? but vastly reduced because the starting of Puente Guillermo Billinghurst (Puente Intercontinental), the bridge right now transporting the Transoceanic Highway over the river a couple of hundred meters to the northwest. Gone will be the days whenever a furor of decrepit catamarans ferried Brazil bound motorists and the vehicles over the river alongside a continuing tirade of smaller sized craft coming and likely to this or that slot amid a splutter of wheezing motors. Bienvenido to the 21st century.

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