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We are an environmental company and we are interested in providing a good service that supports ecotourism in Puerto Maldonado. We offer private tours in the jungle adventure and ecological tours, we have over 15 years experience in the jungle. Our guides completed their studies in the jungle of Puerto Maldonado and have been leaders in the jungle for 14 years. Here you can decide your trip in terms of money or time available with our daily outings.

We Have over 21 years experience in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru

We offer tour packages at great prices because we are a company of operators in the area of Puerto Maldonado and our travel services are direct and custom, for these reasons we invite you to travel with us and we will you contribute to conserving this wonderful forest. We ORGANIZE TRIPS TO TAMBOPATA NATIONAL RESERVE, SANDOVAL LAKE, MACAW CLAY LICK, LICK CHUNCHO, ADVENTURE SPORTS LIKE KAYAKING, CANOPY, CANOPY WALK. WITH CHEAP PRICES, MID-RANGE AND LUXURY..

Working friends

Yenni Chura
Yeni Ranilla
Jose Emilio
Jesus Lizaraso
Jaime Nina
Frank Tinta
I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and deal with people from all over the world. I feel good when i Know i have helped or entertained this diverse group of customers.
I think "Tourism offers many different challenges.I am grateful not to be stuck in a routine but experiencing new achievements."
"It's not essential to have post secondary school education, but it is desired. It is important, however, to get tourism training and education if you want to get started and build a career in tourism."

Josleen Huatangari

Official Puerto Maldonado tour guide

Jose Emilio Gómez

Official Puerto Maldonado tour guide

Yeni Vanessa Chura

Official Puerto Maldonado tour guide